West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Scottie crashes Westie Xmas party

Anyone want to take a guess at what’s going on here and what the domestic situation is? Westie rescue? Breeder? Just another fur Octomom? And why is there only one Scottie?

5 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Scottie crashes Westie Xmas party

  1. Now that is what I would call a VERY MERRY WESTIE CHRISTMAS! My goodness, I couldn’t even count how many there were… one thing is for sure, they definitely outnumber the Scotties!!

  2. (Mounting my hobbyhorse)
    What is with the feathery tails on Scotties now? They look like hell. The standard is a carrot form.

    (OK, dismount)

    1. Wow…that’s a houseful but imo they have their priorities backwards! 😉 Turned into a Squeak-a-palooza, which got Teagan going!
      And Thank you, Rick!! The 1st time we took Teagan to a groomer in the US we brought some photos of previous successful haircuts which the “groomer” didn’t even look at – “Oh, we know our breeds!” When we picked her up, what did we find?! Hatchet-job, wooly ears and Fox-tail look! “Oh, you don’t like the “Christmas-tree-tail”?!” At least we have “trained” our current groomer. (slow dismount…)
      Funnily enough they seem to have got the Westies right!

  3. Well, they appear well fed, clean, clothed and happy. The house is more orderly than mine at the moment…and the westies appears very socialized with each other. So if they are a breeder or rescue home, they seem to be doing a good job. They probably only have 1 Scottie cuz ‘they couldn’t handle the Scottie’….hahahah. The must be really loved for someone to take the time to wrap all their pressies. Merry Christmas cute little Westies where ever you are…and you too, cute little Scottie!

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