A note to Australian readers

To all of you down under:

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has been meaning to write something about those awful floods for a while now. Please note our thoughts are with you.

I’ve especially been wondering about these fancy Brisbane Scotties. Back last summer, their owner wrote:

They are the original and only official Scottiish Terrier Mascots for a pipe band in Australia.
I design and make all of their costumes, which are their official ustumes for this job.
By the way – before “anonymous” only has time to whinge – “they are NOT pom poms” – they are a group of very fine feathers!!!!
These costumes take quite some time to put together as there are some built in extras, in case of design theft!!!!
In any case – I do the very best I can with what is available to me, and I do search far and wide!!

Let’s hope those costumes stayed dry.

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