Final installment of the Best of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News 2010

Better late than never

Connor the soccer playing Scottish Terrier made his YouTube debut at the FIFA World Cup

What do I do about a foot-biting Scottish Terrier puppy?

Two shaggy Scottish Terriers from down under

Is Harley, age 19, the oldest Scottish Terrier?

Phew! Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy is returned

Two Scottish Terriers from Bahrain

Scottish Terrier Video: The sacrificial sofa

Weaning Scottish Terrier puppies

In Cornwall, a dramatic Scottish Terrier rescue

Where do wheaten Scotties come from?

Westie Wednesday: In Australia, a ferry turns around to rescue an overboard West Highland Terrier

Taking a break — maybe forever, Dour Scotsman: ‘I’m in control here’ and Scottie News answers your questions: an update on the pity party

Eisenhower’s Scottish Terrier Skunkie: Did he live at the White House?

Classic Scottish Terrier video: Jock’s song

Scottish Terrier meets Bambi

Could a Scottish Terrier take a badger?

Boo! Happy Halloween from the Scottie News

The story of a Scottish Terrier rescued from a puppy mill

Scottie News congratulates Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Barney Bush on the night of September 11, 2001

Worst Scottish Terrier snowballs ever

Are Scottish Terriers smart? and Are Scottish Terriers Smart? Part II

Tips for flying with a Scottish Terrier

Does your Scottish Terrier work well on a leash?