Privileged Scottie bids farewell to his vet

Henry the Scottish Terrier's long-time vet retires

The Columbia Daily Tribune of  reports on Missouri veterinarian John Williams’ retirement:

On his last day, Dec. 29, his last patient was Henry, ailing Scottish terrier of the Farnen family — Mark, Eleanor and daughter Lily — a pampered pooch who has been seeing Williams for 12 years. The Farnens presented the good doctor with a bottle of “quality” Champagne, which he planned to take along the next day on his trip to Wisconsin with wife Sally to meet grandbaby John, new son of son John and wife Jeniel. If you’re keeping count, that’s three Johns. … The youngest has a sister, Anna.

So, what was wrong with Henry, you ask? The itchies — and they were cured. The Scottie News would like to know how as this is an ongoing problem for many Scottish Terriers.