Question for all you wheaten Scottish Terrier experts

Reader Jackie writes:

I have a 7 1/2 yr. old wheaten colored Scottie named Bonny Rose that I just love. She’s my first and only Scottie… so far.

Bonny Rose and I were just visiting my parents and my mother asked me a question about her that I didn’t know the answer to. I thought you might be able to help. Bonny Rose’s back is a fairly dark wheat color. She has a blond face, chest, legs, skirt and tail. There are two blonde patches that extend up over each of her shoulders that I call her “angel wings.” My mother wondered if all wheaten colored Scotties have those two light patches of color on their shoulders. I’ve seen a few photos of other Scotties with these markings but I didn’t know if all wheaten Scotties have this. Do you know?

I don’t know, but I’m betting there are some Scottie News readers out there who do.

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  1. Our Ceilidh has these too! Somehow, with her, it never occurred to me to think of them as “angel wings” ;), but she has them.

  2. Yep. Rory has the exact same coloring. Deep tan down the center and cut outs round his shoulder blades, and butterscotch to sandy color all over the rest!

  3. Thanks for all the responses! Before I met Bonny Rose I didn’t even know there was any other color of Scottie but the black. I love her color.

    Calling those markings “angel wings” started when she was about 7 mo. old. She escaped the house on Christmas Day, was hit by a car and suffered a broken hip and pelvis. Finding a vet in a rural area on Christmas Day was no small task. We did a lot of praying for her and considered that she was protected by angels to survive that accident. Hence the angel wing moniker.

  4. Both of my wheaten scotties have these “angel wings” tho I doubt anyone would consider Nessa to be an angel!! My MacGregor is a beautiful butterscotch down his back while Nessa is much lighter. All of their puppies (5)have the same markings!:)

  5. Yes, our wheaten has these angel wings (that’s what we’ve always referred to them as too) also! My parents have one and theirs has the same wings too. This is interesting …. we also have a yellow lab (almost the exact same color as our wheaten) and she too has the angel wings and in the same places. It’s kind of odd that these tan colored dogs all seem to have them.

  6. My wheaton who we call “Wheaton” looks to be darker in that area but his head, legs and skirt are lighter:)

  7. Sorry for the late post, my Marley has the ANGEL WINGS also, and not sure if your Wheaton Scottie does this but her nose turns a light brown during the Winter months but the first warm sunny day it turns jet black. Now how cool is that!!!

  8. Shelby, our Wheaten girl’s nose does the same thing. In fact, I was noticing just this past weekend that it’s lighter now. As you said though, in the warmer months it gets coal black. That’s very interesting. Ah, such amazing little creatures. LOL

  9. This may sound crazy but I wonder if it has to do with where you live? We get snow and it seems once the snow starts piling up her nose gets lighter. It is interesting though.

  10. Actually the wings I believe are caused by grooming. The more colorful wiry hair is trimmed on the shoulders in the pattern you describe. This exposes the lighter colored underhair. Unless you are hand stripping and even then I believe the pattern still shows. But having my own Angels, I love the description of Angel Wings… Now if you could explain the occasional appearance of devilish horns?

  11. I have a black/brindle scotty with grayish/silver angel wings. I think it is something specific to the breed; not just the wheatons.

  12. Yes my Wheaten Scottish Terrier has the white shoulder marks. I may have just learned last night, from friends, that my Westie is a Wheaten Scottish Terrier. I adopted him 3 years ago and thought he was a Westie. It doesn’t matter. He is well loved.

  13. My Wheaten Scottish Terrier Mac has the angel wings also. He is an angel “most” of the time :).
    We love him to pieces regardless!

  14. I have a red wheaten scottie and I thought I was crazy because his nose changed color (from black to light brown) we live in upstate NY. Wonder why the nose changes color?

  15. I have a red wheaten female, got her as a pup in late October. Her nose went from jet black to a pinkish brown starting in mid December? Far as I can make out Wheatens have a tendency to unstable pigments, especially in cold weather. I asked a wheaten owner about the change in nose color. She attributed it to a temporary condition known as snow nose. Warmer weather should bring the darker pigment back.

  16. I am taking our 4 year old wheaten colored Scottish terrier to the Scottish breeds dog show at the Scottish Games in Altamont, NY this Saturday. I would like to give people some background information on Finn’s angel wing markings and perhaps the change in the color of his nose from black to brown with the change of seasons. Can you help?

  17. To Bob; I have a wheaten terrier that’s nose turns from black in Summer to brown/tan in the Autumn. Actually it’s starting to turn now (early September). I was concerned over this too, but guess it’s common.

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