Scottish Terrier photo caption contest


Vet by Java Alemán, on Flickr

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier photo caption contest

  1. … Ken divorces Barbie, dumps designer clothes, puts on weight and becomes a pet psychotherapist.

    (what is wrong with this site tonight… I’ve been posting away and it keeps freezing on me. SORRY if you get like TEN of these comments LOL.)

  2. I think scotties are the smartest dogs I’ve ever had and I’ve had dogs since i was a small child. loved all of them, needless to say, but my scottie was the best friend I ever had. I had to have her put to sleep 10/18/10 and I will always miss her and probably grieve over her. I did have a westie and still do but she is just a different tempermant, however, I do love her and it was a blessing when Polly died that I had another dog to keep me company. I’m, hopefully getting another scottie (female) in May. Hope my plans are positive.

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