Scottish Terriers drop in popularity — again

Labs are number one — again — while Yorkies are the top terrier. Here’s the American Kennel Club popular dogs list for 2010.

11 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers drop in popularity — again

  1. Scottish Terriers have an aire of sophistication about them.

    Maybe not every one is sophisticated enough to own one?

    Too bad for them.

    Leaves more for the rest of us.

    A proud Scotty owner.

  2. I don’t think it is a bad thing for the breed either. We don’t want our beloved scotties being the breed of the year – too many backyard breeders will pop up and destroy the breed.

  3. Best news ever! In the dog world, popular translates into over-population and saddness. That, and not everyone is cut out to be owned by a Scottish Terrier- they are surprised that the dog not only responds to his/her name sporadically, but the dog doesn’t act like ‘Jock’ in Lady and The Tramp!

  4. not everyone is deserves a Scottie. those of us who own Scotties
    Know how special they are. We have three and if we could we would have a few more…

  5. The AKC list is really about the number of dogs litters( or dogs) registered with the AKC, it should not be used to say what dog is necessarily more popular. I do, however, agree with the opinion that being popular translates to over breeding and potential puppy mills.

  6. I don’t place importance on what “breed” is most popular….
    like anything else, who wants to just follow the crowd because someone suggests it. I have Scottish Terriers in my life because it’s just meant to be. They’re special creatures that us “unpopular” people know can make our lives a great experience having them share it. Who would rule out any animal because it wasn’t deemed “popular”!!!

  7. My lovely Nena and I agree with all the comments above, a Scottie is too special to be labeled as “popular”.

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