Video: Rare Brazilian Rasta Scottish Terrier

10 thoughts on “Video: Rare Brazilian Rasta Scottish Terrier

  1. This clip was interesting. I have never heard or seen this breed of Scottish Terrier.

    I love the color. My fear would be does this Scotty require even more grooming and care as a regular Scotty.????

  2. I think Ann just means that this is a “regular” Scottie whose fur has been dreaded. And yes, often dreads (at least on people) require a fair bit of regular maintenance.

  3. Has he been ‘dreaded’ or has he just been left a bit without a good brush? Kirk hates the brush and I often let her have her own way and leave her a bit, only she then goes all ‘Rasta’ on me… therefore ends up in the bath….

  4. This is how they get. I only clip my guys once or twice a year because we live in New Mexico now and it snows. They get very dreddy and their ears get frilly. My girl, Ula, is so cute with her ears like that.

  5. Also, a good conditioner after the shampoo really helps to get them out. Detanglers don’t work, in my experience.

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