West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Rescue edition

Read about Lucy, an Irish lass.

3 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Rescue edition

  1. I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS. Being owned by a Westie, I cannot imagine how anyone can mistreat or neglect any pet. Thank goodness little Lucy was turned over to the good people at the Rescue. Now she can be the little princess she was meant to be.

  2. I loved this story. Why on earth do people who can’t or won’t care for their pets own them??!!

  3. What a tear-causing story —and I’m SO happy for little Lucy and her new Mum. It shows what our Breed Rescues can do, doesn’t it? On behalf of our Canadian Scottish Terrier Club Rescue, I rescued in a little scottie (Robbie) about two months ago. He, too, had been sadly neglected – terrible ear infections/eye infections/ pussy sores on his tummy and his back claws had grown into his pads. Anyway —after much TLC, vet appts., meds and daily baths – he’s now in his new “forever” home with his new Mom and Dad who love him dearly and he’s pretty much on the road to good health. Cheers for all of us who love our babies and look after those not so fortunate little souls who need our help so badly.

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