Westie Wednesday: another grooming mix-up

04/15/10 - Day 105 of 365
04/15/10 – Day 105 of 365 by free.fred, on Flickr: Before and after shots of the same dog

Dog Lady aka Westie owner Monica Collins gets a letter from a guilty-feeling West Highland Terrier owner:

Dear Dog Lady: I have a West Highland terrier named Max. He is Mr. Personality, a wonderful Westie — high-spirited, sometimes bossy, and always amusing. I take him to be groomed regularly at a place that only handles Westies. When I picked up Max recently from this dog spa, I was annoyed to find the groomer had put the wrong collar on my dog. She also handed me the wrong leash.

Max surprised me when he jumped right into the car. He’ s never done that before. When we got home, he promptly pooped twice in the kitchen. More unusual behavior. Later that evening, he refused to go into his crate, his sanctuary. Finally, my youngest son spotted an impostor, “Mom, this dog isn’t Max.” My stomach turned. I knew he was right.

Turns out I had picked up another dog at the groomer. No wonder the groomer handed me the wrong leash and collar. I had confused Westie Max with Westie Eddie. When I went to pick up Max up at Eddie’s house, my dog was living the high life at a beautiful estate. He barely looked up when I arrived to fetch him and deposit Eddie. However, in a flash of wonderful recognition, he kissed me madly and seemed eager to get home. Now, everything has returned to normal but I’m still rattled. How could I not recognize my own dog? — Laurie

You’ll have to go here to see Dog Lady’s answer. This is the second case of Westie mistaken identity at the groomer’s that the Scottie News has covered. Has anyone ever heard of this happening to Scotties?

9 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: another grooming mix-up

  1. Poor Laurie! How awful! Sounds like her dog was doing OK though.

    My dog is a mix with a scar on her leg and a broken canine from her life before she acquired me (yes, that’s what I meant to type.) So she can be easily identifed, thank goodness.

  2. Oh no! That’s awful, I think it might be harder with a Scottie though. I think I would know right away if I got the wrong dog at the groomers. My Scottie Lizzie acts like I left her there for days not hrs and has alot of personally traits that would sound the alarm for me!

  3. Hmm…I don’t really understand this! Did Eddie’s people notice?? I’ve had the wrong collar put on but not this. My two are pretty distinctive but I have seen a couple of “twins” of Teagan – it still takes at most a couple of seconds to tell the difference. I guess a mixup is not so likely with Scotties – there are fewer of them and tends to be more variation…but …OK I won’t insult the poor woman.

  4. Wow……what a surprise. Sorry to hear about the mix up. I never thought of this happening. I guess I have taken the groomers for granted when they hand me back my dog.

    I agree TCMUM…many more variations in Scotties.

    I would know by my Scottie’s personality traits.

  5. That is scary to think! Even though the groomers I go to have other Scottie clients, I doubt it could happen with Tartan as no one can mistake the “Get-me-out-of-here!” mad run from the back room to the entrance door of the groomers. If my Scottie doesn’t do that, then I know it’s not Tartan. Plus Tartan is much bigger and has gray hair markings around his eyes.

  6. The first time I left Bentley at the groomer while other Scotties were there, I did worry a bit that I would get the wrong dog back.
    But B has a very distinctive face for a Scottie. In all of the pictures of Scotties I have seen, there’s never been another close to B!

    1. I’d be very careful and reflect carefully before calling another person an “idiot,” especially in this situation and in print. You never know what situation you might find yourself in nor how you might have to react.

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