Dallas Scottish Terriers prepare for snowy Super Bowl

Rebecca at ArtPaw never fails to surprise with her fabulous Scottie dog creations. These Dallas snow Scottish Terriers are just the latest. See more of her work by scrolling down here.

Meanwhile, here are some of our Dallas correspondent’s real-life dogs:

Three Dallas Scottish Terriers in the snow
Angela, Connor and Kenny show off their coats in the Dallas snow storm.
Dallas Scottish Terriers in the snow
Angela (left) and Fiona (right) brave the snow storm of 2-4-11 as Dallas prepares for the Super Bowl.

Yesterday the Scottie News asked Marie, owner of six Scotties and two Airedales, to assess the situation in Dallas as the city prepares for today’s big game. She wrote:

Well we have had a day of sunshine and a high of 43… (5C) tonight is supposed to be  31 (0C). The good thing today is we were high enough and sunny enough to not only melt the snow but most of the ice underneath. The north side of the house had a harder time of melting the snow/ice so some good old fashioned elbow grease by the husband shoveling the deck and driveway got rid of most of the ice.

As the temps are supposed to be just below freezing, we may have some refreezing in wetter areas of the city, but if people got out and swept or shoveled  it should not be too bad. I think the game will be OK tomorrow, but those folks who paid $200.00 to stand outside the stadium and watch the game on the big screen TV may be wet and cold. As tomorrow we are expecting clouds and  possible sleet/winter mix with a high of 38 and a low of 29.That was supposed to be in the morning…

Not too much of a surprise, I have lived here for 22 years and each February we have some type of bad winter weather. Usually ice, but more recently snow and ice. As I said, I prefer the ice as the dogs stay dry and snow ball free, but it is hell on driving…well not so much driving, but certainly stopping!

Looks like we are expecting another round of the “winter mix” on Wednesday, so the Superbowl fans from out of town should high tail it out of here ASAP!

Stay warm…
regards from Dallas

Scottie News will be cheering for Pittsburgh due to the large Scottish Terrier population there and the fact that we’ve never heard from any Scottie owners in Green Bay. If you’re a Green Bay fan and think that’s unfair, then leave a comment and we’ll reconsider.

Finally here’s one of our favourite Scottish Terrier football photos. And, of course,watch Puppy Bowl VII at 3 p.m. eastern standard time.