Warning: This post deals with Scottish Terriers owned by Nazis

Eva Braun with her Scottish terriers, Negus and Stasi

Eva Braun with her Scottish terriers, Negus and Stasi, on Flickr

The Scottish Terrier News has covered Hitler, Eva Braun, Negus and Stasi on previous occasions. This new photo comes from a rather nasty Nazi site on Flickr, but we’re committed to bringing you all the Scottish Terrier news even when it’s not nice.

Update: A commenter says this post is tasteless and insensitive and I respond with some questions. I’ve also removed the name of the Flickr user account.

21 thoughts on “Warning: This post deals with Scottish Terriers owned by Nazis

  1. Hmm. I made it pretty clear this was from some nasty Nazis. And I certainly did not mean it to be tasteless and insensitive.

    Is there a way to handle this better or do you believe that such photos should just not be displayed at all?

  2. I agree with Anonymous. For people like myself, who had family tortured by the Nazis, it is tasteless and insensitive to promote them in any fashion. Even if they did have Scotties, Hitler had a German Shepherd, but of course he killed it before he killed himself. I wonder about Madame Hitler’s Scotties. Did they suffer the same fate?

  3. I didn’t see it as “promotion” at all and I am very conscious that this has been a week when a lot of ugly antisemitism has come to the fore.

    I’m just trying to decide if believing Nazis are repellent means that you never publish pictures of them. After all, one of the things that is very often pointed out is that these people who were so inhuman to other people often treated their dogs quite well.

    I continue to mull this.

  4. My family wasn’t Jewish. Also, I don’t think it equates to humane treatment of pets when you kill them because you’re going to kill yourself. Obviously, Hitler held animals in higher standing than people. He didn’t want to die without his dog.

  5. I appreciate you posting these pictures, Ann! I like knowing which famous, and infamous, people had Scotties. I also really appreciate seeing Scotties from the past – seeing the difference in the breed and how they were cut is fascinating. I don’t see how just posting a picture of a historical person owning a Scottie shows support for that person.

  6. I really appreciate the work that Scottish Terrier News does, is always wonderful to know where do we came from, how do we looked years ago, how did other humans in the past treated us.
    Is our history, is human history, we don’t need to exclude this part of the history to heal, is there and we need to remember it to respect it, and never let anything like it happen again.
    Thanks Ann for everything you post, Bailey, Mommy & myself love your blog.

  7. Yes, it was an interesting discussion. Although I eventually decided the picture can stay I did edit the photo cred, which, upon reflection, I did find to be insensitive.

  8. Hm, I missed the controversy! I didn’t perceive this as Nazi sympathising even if the original poster of the photos may have been that way inclined… IMO it’s important to remember that actually the Nazis and the many other groups who’ve been responsible for inhumanity to fellow humans WERE, afterall human too. Oh well… thanks as usual, Ann!

  9. Hitler???? Really???? Does any person running this website have a brain???
    I’ve been reading a history book recently published called “Bloodlands”. 14 million people died by the hands of Hitler and Stalin. It’s a sober, bloody account of ruthless dictators.

    Now you want me to look at Hitler’s goddamn dog just because it’s a Scottie? You people need to examine what you’re doing. This is just disgusting.

    By the way, in 2006 my wife and I rescued a brilliant and wonderful Scottie named Chester McDuff. He was the light in our lives. He passed away in 2010 and we went right back to our Scottie Rescue lady and are now proud pack leaders to Winston and Prudence, husband and wife.

    All I wanted from this website was fun, good information, and to share my love for this wonderful breed. Now you have ruined it. Shame on you!

    1. Step away from that computer, Tony.

      If you go to this link, you will see all the news organizations that published what were supposed to be previously unreleased photos of Eva Braun. They include the Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, CNN and the New York Daily News.

      Above you will also find an intelligent and civilized discussion on whether or not it is okay to publish photos of Nazis and evil people. Consider it proof that I and the other contributors do have brains.

      For now, lets just agree that your Scotties are indeed brilliant and wonderful

  10. interesting photo. there is also an existing video of eva braun sitting on a bench with the two scotties on her lap. they showed it on the military channel- world war two in colour. eva braun’s scotties had a different style of cut, and they seem to be quite small.

    i read somewhere that one of the scotties died when a bomb hit the berlin bunker, and the other scottie was said to have been seen wandering around the rubble after. not sure how reliable this info was.

  11. I was born and raised in Germany and so were all my relatives. Are you going to tell me that researching my family and country’s history makes me a Nazi and insensitive. This site is to promote scotties and there history, THAT’S IT! AnnB has defended all your comments stating the previous. Shame on those of you for being rude and mean to this woman when she is just trying to help YOU with scottie info!

  12. We’re the loyal owners of two scottish terriers. I have enjoyed all of the pictures posted here of scotties and their famous/infamous owners, Ann, and thanks for posting them. The last poster is right in reminding us that the site is for scottie info, and of course some history of them.

    The photos of Eva Braun’s scotties and the one of Hitler petting one of them are one small part of one of one of the most brutal, sad, fearful, and yet complex times in modern history, aren’t they? The scottie photos made me realize again how popular this breed was with so many of that generation/time — it’s a dog breed with alot of history, like some other breeds, too. The popularity of scotties then was what encouraged my father, who was born in the 1930s, to get our first scottie in 1999– my father remembered many images and ads of them as a child. Many people of that time could enjoy the same breed of dog as my family and I do today.

    Realizing the popularity of scotties then and enjoying Braun’s photos don’t make me overlook or glorify the inhumanity of Hitler, of the history of Nazi Germany, the Second World War, and the atrocities of the Holocaust and the millions who lost their lives. (I went to the Flickr account where the photo was taken from, but could not find information on the owner of the site. The anonymous title given does make me question his/her intentions.)

    I think I read in Gita Sereny’s bio on Albert Speer that Braun’s scotties were poisoned in the Bunker, along with other dogs. One of Hitler’s associates’ memoirs, I think, was the primary source.

  13. Hey some of you, get a grip!!! This is NOT about Hitler or Eva Braun but the lovely scottie dogs! It is NOT the poor doggies faults who owned them so get a grip!! I like reading this as I also own 2 lovely scottie dogs.

  14. I just wanted to let Ann B know I appreciate all the hard work you do on this site. I’m sorry you were subjected to such abuse from people who would rather live in a bubble.

  15. Postscript to my previous post: Ann actually gave a WARNING to those who might be offended….so why did you look? You looked, then voiced your outrage. Your rudeness is appalling. Get over yourself.

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