West Highland Terrier Wednesday health alert

Hmm, feet on ball, it sounds like Skyler the West Highland Terrier may have been felled by a notorious Cuz Ball. What’s more, his lawyer owner Jill Blue is considering suing.

“Rubber does not show up in x-rays. Who knew that?” Blue says.

Jill says Sky first got sick in March. He wouldn’t eat, was continuously throwing up and ended up with severe dehydration. But no one figured out what was wrong until July. For four months the feet that used to be attached to the ball sat inside Sky’s intestine.

“And that’s where we were. What is the cause? Won’t know until you cut them open to find out,” says Blue.

Surgery and all of the visits to the vet added up to $5,000 in bills.

See the Scottie Newsprevious reporting on the hazards of Cuz Balls. I’m also available to testify as an expert witness.

2 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday health alert

  1. Ouch. Please be careful with toys, people! We nearly lost Teagan last year when a piece of rubber toy got lodged in her small intestine after hanging around for months from when we left her with a sitter who I guess didn’t believe us when we told her what a persistent chewer she was! Ultrasound found the obstruction after she had the same symptoms as Sky and it was emergency surgery as instestine was just about to rupture. I don’t know if a Cuz foot could do that much damage, but at best it seems like very poor toy design to me! People undersetimate the power of terrier jaws! Get well soon Skylar!

  2. I remember the look on everybody’s face years ago when our vet showed us the x-ray of our Westie puppy’s stomach … and there was that little whistle from her chew toy (luckily, the vet didn’t beat up on us – the whistle was small enough that it eventually passed through … but we certainly learned our lesson!!!)
    More recently, my younger Scottie had some tense moments after some “less than thoughtful” neighbours threw some fast-food chicken bones on the front lawn … (another reason I like the winter – the snow covers up dangerous jetsam on the lawns!)

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