A case of Scottish Terrier mistaken identity?

The North Wales Weekly News has an article headline “Scottie dog is Pentrefoelas pub’s top bouncer.” There’s just one problem, however: to the trained eyes of the staff at the World Headquarters of the Scottish Terrier News, it looks like Giggs might be a Westies. Unfortunately, the only photo available is a thumbnail so we can’t get in close enough to accurately assess the situation and see whether he looks more like a West highland Terrier or a Wheaten Scottish Terrier.

GIGGS, a Scottie dog with attitude, is doing his bit to keep order in a village pub.

He has a selection of doggy coats to wear as he struts his stuff at the Foelas Arms, Pentrefoelas, but when he dons the black jacket with the word “Security” on it, the tough little terrier’s dark side comes out.

He marches round the tap room with a menacing growl, doing away with the need for bouncers.

“He frightens me, never mind the customers!” says his owner Lucille Green.

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