Video edition: Are Scottish Terriers smart? Part III

It’s agility champion Hitchcock and his Scottish Terrier brethren doing some brain exercises at their lovely villa in the Swiss alps. Scottie News may be forced to visit and do an investigative report.

8 thoughts on “Video edition: Are Scottish Terriers smart? Part III

  1. Absolutely FAB enjoyed watching and YES Scottie’s are very intelligent creatures….loved the video keep ’em coming

  2. Hitchcock is our hero and our inspiration. Wicket and I are beginning training this year for Flyball… we’re a little nervous and very excited… but Hitchcock is our idol and we’re gonna go for it!

    1. We’re very interested in the “enrichment” tools and puzzles used in the video. It there source for these?

  3. You can do a lot with very few money, e.g. with the inroll (sorry – don’t know the correct word) of a toiletpaperroll. Put treats inside and wrinkle it and let the dog open it.
    Visit this homepage – there is an english spoken site with ideas and a good book in English

    Here you can buy the brainwork toys in the US:
    Tornado, Twister, Smart or Brick is good to start. Help your dog a little bit in the beginning, work with success and fun. Make short training sessions and stop when the dog is still very motivated. Clicker training is great for that, see videos and books from Karen Pryor:
    e.g. the Book:

    Have fun with your Scottie!!

    Bettina with Flash, Scully, Camilla and Hitchcock

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