Der Führer pets Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers

Wouldn’t you know it? Last week there was a mini-controversy at the Scottie News about whether it was okay to publish pictures of Hitler’s girlfriend/wife Eva Braun and her Scottish Terriers.

Today the Huffington Post has a scoop entitled Eva Braun In Private (PHOTOS): Un-Released Photos Of Adolf Hitler’s Wife From

And here’s the one we’ve never seen before, Hitler actually petting a Scottish Terrier.

The caption reads, “Hitler pets Braun’s Scottish terriers, Negus and Katuschka, in 1942. (Katuschka was nicknamed “Stasi.”) Braun didn’t like Hitler’s German shepherd, Blondi, who occasionally shared the bedroom with him.”

There’s another Scottie photo over at the Huffpo. And, no, you’re not a Nazi if you look at them.

11 thoughts on “Der Führer pets Eva Braun’s Scottish Terriers

  1. I find this photograph very arresting and even a little disturbing… It’s strange to see how the dog being petted seems to be cringing (maybe because of the way Hitler is holding his hand?), and the other dog does seem to be running away. It’s also strange to think that FDR had a Scottie, and so did Eva Braun… What does it suggest about the popular culture of the time that Scotties were popular on both sides? I missed the controversy surrounding the original post – but I have to say that seeing this picture made me check out the others on the Huffington Post as well as a few other websites about Eva Braun. The photo sparked an interesting conversation in our house; I’m glad that you posted it.

  2. I cringe too sometimes when people stoop to pet me. We Scotties like to be touched on our own terms, on our own time. Fascinating picture – looks like in the 30’s they didn’t leave much of a Skirt on we Scotties.

  3. In the last post on Eva Braun someone mentioned that Hitler killed Blondie before he and Eva Braun committed suicide.

    Now, I’m wondering what happened to the Scotties. I’ll do some research later today.

  4. Angus Fala, we used to call Bridget the cringer as she has cringed ever since she was a puppy, although she does it less now.

  5. Hitler killed Blondie on April 29, 1945. He killed himself the next day. I think he killed Blondie with a poison pill. I too am now wondering about the scotties.

  6. Hitler’s dog handler killed the scotties and his own dachsund by lethal injection. Hitler apparently killed Blondi by accident. He believed the cyanide pills he had been given were fake

  7. Thanks for this historic picutre. I saw once a video sequence of Hitler interacting with his german sheperd. The dog was really really afraid of him – it was obvious. And this picture speeks the same language – interessting. Good Breeder always ask the opinion of their adult dogs of a potential future puppyowner. Dogs seem to have a good sense in judging people.

  8. Well stop Judging,do you know the full story’s of this picture ”ohh i can see the dog cringing” what a load of **** he loved dogs,and you can not see much detail in this picture how can you tell ?!

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