Idaho Scottish Terrier aims for internet domination

Magee and Magoo
Magee and Magoo by dearge205, on Flickr

KMVT-TV in southern Idaho reports on a 12–year–old Scottish Terrier from Jerome, Idaho who spends more time socializing on line than the average 12-year-old girl.

It all began last summer when the Scottie dog started a Facebook page. Soon Dearge was hooked. Or maybe it’s his owner and best friend West Gates, who’s out to rule the web. Either way, they’re a formidable pair.

“For our business, we do a lot of stuffy websites and marketing design and this summer we decided to do something more fun so we made Dearge his own website. W started doing portraits of his friends on Facebook and then more people wanted them,” West told KMVT.

Friends post their photos online, Dearge downloads, sketches and re–produces them into a digital painting.

“He now gets 10–15 friend requests a day,” said West.

Their goal is for all of Dearge’s friends to have a portrait they’ve re–created specifically for them.

And while the terrier usually watches his owners working from the window.

“He doesn’t help on the keyboard, thumbs are almost required,” said West.
He’s putting his paw stamp of approval on each and every portrait.

They don’t ask for any money for the portraits they send back to their friends, instead, they ask to send any donations to the local animal shelter.

Have your dog join the gallery by contacting Dearge’s owner or by friending him on Facebook or tweeting him.  There seems to be contradictory information (see a previous Scottie News report on Dearge) on exactly how much goes to charity so you may want to clarify that.

The Dearge Terrier gallery and internet project
The Dearge terrier gallery and internet project

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  1. OMG, the dog in the second row, the right hand picture, is my 13 year old Scottish Terrier, Caymus. Oh now he is Famous Caymus!

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