In southern Alberta, a rescue Scottish Terrier is available for adoption

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Pepper is a one-year-old Scottish Terrier.  Her owners were moving to a country where not only was there a very long flight, but a very long quarantine period.  They decided that would not be in Pepper’s best interest and regretfully surrendered her.

She is amazingly trained. She knows sit, down, shake a paw, play dead and roll over. And she will do these with the promise of just a toy as a reward. She does need a little help with “come”, but I found a squeaky toy does wonders!

Find out more at Windy City Canine Rescue in Lethbridge not Chicago.

11 thoughts on “In southern Alberta, a rescue Scottish Terrier is available for adoption

  1. Looking at pictures of her, I get the impression that this sweet Scottie girl has a little more than just Scottish Terrier in her. Like a touch of Cairn maybe? Breaks my heart to see that Pepper’s life is in limbo right now. Hope she finds a loving home real soon.

    1. Don’t worry. Apparently, lots of well qualified people were interested in adopting Pepper. Scottie News will try to get an update.

      1. Ann, I emailed the rescue group when you first posted the article. They are willing to ship if it is the right match for the pooch. My Gracie would love a sister, but I would not want to put Pepper through the experience of being shipped all the way to Ohio. Hopefully she will find a home in the Alberta area. Please do give us an update.

  2. Looks like a bundle of joy! (sound v. talented too!) She’s got some brindle but I think she is probably all Scottie. Our Ceilidh has long legs like that. She’d love a friend like that but unfortunately Alberta is a looooong way from us! I’m sure she will be just fine.

  3. I know this is an old post, so it’s probable all sorted out by now but…. Peter is only one!!! I know a flight can be long, but seriously take her with you, she has many years of life before here and although quarantine can be a pain (I know I live in Australia, we have the most stringent quarantine of anywhere), it’s only once, and you can visit with them. People do import dogs to Australia, so I’m sure it can be done any where. Just my two cents.

  4. I am in touch with all The Rescue Organizations,Clubs etc.
    I am looking to rescue/Adopt a Scottie Female in the NY/NJ…eastern region. If anyone has any leads Please contact me. Young adult female…4 years and up. We are owned by a Special needs Westie,Sweet as can be..6 yrs old and a 5 yr old Scottie both females. We are retired,have a home and fenced in yard and the Best Vet in NY.
    Please contact me at
    We can Complete our little fur family. we are both retired and are home all the time..any further questions Please don’t hesitate to e-mail asap

  5. we have just lost our 12 year old scottie, GRACIE, due to heart failure. we would very much like to included in any news of any rescue scotties available or puppies for sale, we do have a 6 year old westie, BONNIE, and she would like a sister. thank you very much. my phone number is 1 306 424 3752, or 1 306 634 7563….

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