Photo of champion Scottish Terrier Sadie’s puppies

Westminster champ Sadie gave birth to five Scottish Terrier puppies
The five Scottish Terrier puppies born to Westminster champ Sadie

Many thanks to Scottie News readers for the tips and pictures link.

If you go over and take a look you will see the entire c-section birth documented in photos. Warning: not for the faint of heart as much blood and many sharp instruments are involved.

On Facebook, Anstamm’s Cindy Cooke writes: “Sadie and Winston (A. Prime Minister) are proud to announce the arrival of 5 new Scottie puppies, 4 girls and a boy. There’s one wee girl, just under 5 oz and the rest are between 7-8 oz. Sadie is resting and refusing interviews until she has recovered from the surgery. Thanks for everyone who has wished us well in this endeavor.”

Congratulations, Sadie, from the Scottish Terrier News.

10 thoughts on “Photo of champion Scottish Terrier Sadie’s puppies

  1. Sadly, two of the puppies have passed away…one almost immediately after birth, and one shortly after. I can’t verify the genders of the 3 survivors, but know this to be true from a friend of one of the breeders. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the breeders and Sadie and Winston’s owners.

  2. Please let me know how the remaining pups are as well as how Sadie is doing. Also why she had to have the pups by c-section.

    Ann McD

  3. There are many breeds of dogs whose prize winners can only have puppies by c-section. Scotties are one of those breeds. The reason is that the breed standards call for an ever bigger head on the Scottie. Were the mother dogs to give birth naturally, they are at high risk of death. Sound ridiculous? Cruel? Yes, it is. But top breeders think it is fun to set a weird standard and then compete to meet it.

    In Europe, Crufts in 2009 Crufts changed breed standards for many dogs in response to a BBC TV program that drew nation wide attention to the poor health of those dogs that were the top of their breeds. We need to do the same here in the U.S.

  4. I think Sadie is beautifull. I have been wanting to have a scotty for a long time. Do you know if the surviving puppies are for sale. I live in Calif. and would have to have it shipped. I had a great Doberman that had major pedigree. He was the show in our neighborhood. He was purschased at the Indio dog show. Not looking to show, just want another awesome dog.
    Thanks for all your help.

    1. You can try contacting Sadie’s owner Cindy Cooke on Facebook or via Anstamm Kennels. I suspect the puppies might all be spoken for but she might be able to help you find another awesome Scottie.

      1. Please give more info about a Sadie puppy or grandchild. I love Scotties and want to show my Sadie puppy. I am a bagpiper and part of the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial pipe band in Rancho Cucamonga,Calif and Blandfords Scottish store on White Oak by Arrow Highway. I spent $10,000.00 trying to save my last Scottie, Stewart, from dying of cancer but it got him anyway! I have a broken heart about it and I need a puppy desperately to help me get over Stewart and to love. In fact I want as many Scotties as I can get to love! Each one will be treated as Royalty! Only serious info need reply. I am part of the Royal Stewart clan. Susan_A_Mosher

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