Photo shows how the Scottish Terrier has evolved

Scottie and Owners, Washington, D.C., 1917 The Terrierman has been featuring vintage photos of terriers lately, including the one on the left of a Scottish Terrier and its owners in Washington, D.C., almost 100 years ago in 1917. Below is a close-up of the dog, who looks more like a Cairn than today’s breed standard with its bigger head and shorter legs. He also has a different haircut, almost certainly reflecting the fashion of the times given his well dressed owners.


Vintage photo of Scottish Terrier taken in 1917

5 thoughts on “Photo shows how the Scottish Terrier has evolved

  1. I love the modern scotties’ big ears. That is the biggest difference I see here. And they have his eye brows trimmed back which also reduces their expressive/pensive look 🙂

  2. There has to be a time when people say enough — the Scottie’s head should not get any larger.

    It is sad what the “professional” breeders have done to most pure bred dogs. They set a standard and then all have fun trying to meet it. The dogs are the ones who suffer with heads that are too big for their bodies, brains that don’t fit inside their small heads (Cavalier King Charles), eyes that bulge out and are prone to injury (Pug), dogs whose very snouts have been bred off them (Pug, Shi Tsu) and on and on. In England, new breed standards recently came out after these breeding practices were exposed. Now standards cannot be such that the dog cannot breath, walk or see freely.

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