Rescue Scottish Terrier was a problem biter

Fed up that Grumpy MacDuff has been newly appointed columnist for the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) newsletter, a younger, badder Scottie is plotting a takeover. His first attack is biting:

PSST! I hear there’s to be a new columnist in the Newsletter. Grumpy MacDuff or some such boring old bloke who thinks he can tell us young lads how it is! Let me tell you about a real Scottie. I’m 6 years old and they say I’m “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. And they’d be right! I don’t like humans too much, because so far, humans haven’t treated me well.
I’m quite small, and hairy. I have short legs, but my teeth are large, and I know how to use them. I stand for no nonsense from anyone. My first home I had was with a family who seemed to like me well enough, as they gave me plenty to eat. I could have done with a bit more attention and fussing, but it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, I seemed to fit in well enough with my family, till they found out that a baby was coming. I think that’s something like a puppy, which made me quite excited, but it turned out that I wasn’t to be trusted around it, for fear I might treat it badly. As if I’d hurt a puppy!
Anyway, I was banished to the kitchen, while the rest of the family ooed and aahed over this small bundle which smelt quite messy, but interesting! I never got to meet it, far less play with it, as the first time I was near it I growled a bit, just to show it who was boss, as any youngster like me would do. I was smacked and put to sleep in the shed. I say sleep in the shed, but what I really mean is kept there, as I wasn’t allowed into the house again.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming story about this Liverpool Lad! Very clever. Keep them coming.!

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