Scottish Terrier dies in horrific pit bull attack

The Scottie was killed in Oak Hills, California:

What was especially concerning to the Tate family was that the two pit bull-type dogs had apparently dug their way through a hole below their fence, made their way into the open garage and broke open the kennel that the terrier, Jax, had been locked inside.

Sadly, it looks like nothing will be done about this appalling situation, according to a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Victor Valley station, who said: “Vicious dogs are not criminal, unless we could prove that the owners knew that the animals were vicious and didn’t do anything about it — then we might be able to get criminal (charges) — but it’s pretty difficult.”

RIP, Jax. It’s time to start changing the law in your memory.

9 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier dies in horrific pit bull attack

  1. This is just sickening – so sad – I feel so sorry for the owners of the Scottie – and the owners of the Pit Bulls.

  2. Oh, so sad! My heart goes out to the family of that poor little scottie! I read this and had to go give my two a little squeeze and smooches!

    It’s so awful that nothing can be done. I would think there should be some consequence if you allow something that is your ‘possesion’ to enter someone else’s property and ruin their ‘possesion’. I would be outraged and I certainly hope the owners of the pit bulls are remorseful.

  3. It really is too bad and so often dogs (generally) speaking especially the breeds such as doberman, rottweiler, pit bulls etc get such a bad RAP. However every so often you do come across a dog/s that just happen to have something bad in them whether from training or mistreatment who knows. I usually err on the side of blaming the human and not the dog….however it is so sad to hear of such a horrible situation where the scottie could neither get away or defend himself…and were these dogs who “broke in” just out for a stroll – where were the owner and did they try to stop what happened. I am so sorry for your loss……

  4. This is the second time a Pitbull has murdered a Scottish Terrier. The first time, two were murdered, and was too much for me to wrap my head around. What is up with people who want a dog with a mean reputation.

  5. That’s terrible to hear. I jave no love for pit-bills—sorry.

    I had a Scotty killed by a Rottweiler years ago and, while I agree that “you can’t brand an entire breed on the behaviour of a few”, here’s problem:

    These Pit-bulls and Rottweilers and Bull Mastiffs and Cane Corsos and Akitas are all TWELVE CYLINDER DOGS allowed to “socialize” (or, to keep with my analogy) drive streets meant for residential speeds, for God’s sake.

    THAT’S the problem!

    Why this obsession with having all these high-powered dogs and then the owners try DESPERATELY (and usually fail) to ‘contain’ them and keep them copasetic with the average dog?!

    Here’s another thing:

    You hear police CONSTANTLY labelling certain types of hand-guns as illegal because they’re ‘cop-killers’, etc.

    Usually meaning they’re massively powerful, aromour-piercing and the police have nothing in their arsenal to legally allow them to match it.

    Now when it comes to this, I don’t hear them growsing and pontificating with rationales like: ‘well, the guns themselves aren’t creating illegalities—it’s determinate on the owner of the weapon’.


    The same logic should apply to owners of these ’12 cylinder dogs’, that when a regular dog is confronted by, is totally outmatched by its power, aggressiveness and ferocity.

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