Scottish Terrier dons elegant wedding attire

A recently featured “you might also like” post dealt with two female Scotties who served as wedding flower puppies. It reminded me of another Scottish Terrier wedding, the details of which have been sitting in my email box forever.

So because it really is better late than never, here are the wedding photos. The bride wrote:

I love reading your blog and seeing all of the pictures of the adorable Scotties! My very own scottish terrier was in our bridal party this weekend, looking very dapper in his shirt collar and bow tie.

I have attached some photos of Bentley (age 5) all dressed up and in the wedding. Having him stand up with us was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Scottish Terrier Bentley joins the wedding party

A simple collar and bow tie works well for wedding dogs
A simple collar and bow tie works well for wedding dogs

Belated congratulations from the Scottish Terrier News.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier dons elegant wedding attire

  1. We did not have Pippi in our wedding, that’s something I regret. However I’m a would have had a hard time not fussing over her at the reception.


  2. Ann, Thanks so much!
    We loved have Bentley as part of our whole wedding weekend. I honestly would not have been able to relax if he hadn’t been with us.
    And Abigail, I thought I’d be preoccupied with Bentley too, but he acted like he was at home and spent most of the reception sitting on my feet, just like at the dinner table. It helped that it was a small wedding too, and both of our families love him just as much as we do!

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