Scottish Terrier hero saves owner’s life

Scottish Terrier hero saves owner's lifeBritain’s Express & Star reports on the heroics of faithful Angus:

His relentless barking alerted neighbour Susan Green who rushed round and dialled 999 for help.

When paramedics arrived they told cleaner Mrs Clarke (that) her husband would have returned home to find her dead had it not been for the alert sounded by their 12-year-old pet.

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6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier hero saves owner’s life

  1. Why didn’t they get a decent picture of the star of the story? One where you could see his whole face?!

  2. way to go Angus, make all us Scottie Angus’s proud! Maybe he didn’t want his whole face shown because he is disguising his identity because he is a Superhero? Just wondering.

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