You like me, you really like me…

… by me, I mean the Scottish Terrier News, but that would have screwed up the headline.

If indeed you do like the the Scottie News and if you’re on Facebook, could I please ask you to do us a small favour. Would you please “like” the Facebook page for the Scottish Terrier News, which you can access by clicking here. It will help the site build traffic as we work to recover from the technological woes inflicted by the bad migration last summer.

That disastrous  migration was carried out by rtCamp, which I urge you never to do business with. I will write more about them later, but for now, here’s a chart showing how my all-important Google organic traffic plunged after rtCamp migrated my site last August and how it immediately began to recover once I hired Varick Design to fix the situation in late February.

rtCamp migration led to disastrous fall in Google organic search traffic
rtCamp migration led to disastrous fall in Google organic search traffic. Varick Design fixed the problem.

2 thoughts on “You like me, you really like me…

  1. Ann,
    I received a beautiful summer catalog for outdoor furnishings by Ballard Designs. (They specialize in traditional and French Country design.) While thumbing through the catalog, I discovered a charming dog bed basket. Relaxing in it was our favorite breed, a handsome Scottie. It’s on page 16 if you want to find it.

    Bronwyn Jennings

    P.S.-Keep up the good work! We can’t get enough of news about our great Scots.

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