Scottie News readers have fabulous dogs

Airedale with Scottish Terriers
Sherman the Airedale rides again

Sherman the Airedale is famous for being the best Scottie Uncle ever, a YouTube star and all around nice guy. Just to prove his hit video with Scottish Terriers wasn’t out of character, here he is again using a visiting pack of Scottie puppies as agility props. His owner, Marie writes: “I do have an awesome Scottie, he does some of the flips the big dogs shown do..hard to get him on camera, I will endeavor to try, we can’t let these other dogs grab the spotlight!”

While we’re on the subject, here’s Dartagnan, the Peruvian agility champ in his Christmas best. Yes, it’s late (my fault) and out of season, but the cuteness factor overrides everything.

Dartagnan the Scottish Terrier in his Christmas finery
When Dartagnan looks good, he feels good

Still out of season (unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere), here’s Kuro playing in the snow in a very handsome tartan coat.

Scottish Terrier dressed in plaid coat
Fashionable and fashionably photographed
RIP Molly the Scottish Terrier
RIP, Mollie the Scottish Terrier

Devon writes:

I was reading today’s post regarding Scottish terriers and their walking manners, which made me think about our Scottie, Molly. She had just about the best walking etiquette you’ve ever seen a dog have. She was something Cesar Millan would be proud of, happily rolling along at a leisurely pace next to, or behind us. She never tried to chase a squirrel or cat, never pulled toward another dog… she would simply turn her head to acknowledge them, and then trot along her way.

Molly passed away this past Monday (ed.: December 2010) at the age of 12. She had a wonderful life with us: daily strolls around the neighborhood, home cooked meals, long walks on the beach in the summer. After suffering through a seizure on Monday morning, our visit to the vet revealed she had a grapefruit sized tumor in her abdomen, and kidney and liver failure. She was in so much discomfort and pain, it was harder to watch her suffer than to make the decision to put her to sleep.

Molly is survived by her two brothers, Hans and Fritz. She was a very good dog, and she will be greatly missed. May she rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “Scottie News readers have fabulous dogs

  1. We used to have an Airedale so I have a soft spot for them and of course Scotties go without saying.
    Condolences for Molly and Smitty they are in a good place now bless them.

  2. I used to have an Airedale, too. I just loved her. I had to move to a smaller house with less yard and she didn’t make the transition well. After she passed, and when it was time for a new dog, I knew I wanted one with a similar personality. The Scottie is where I found it. I think they would have enjoyed each other.

  3. Sherman sends big Airedale THANK YOU”s to STN for their continued support of his career as a celebrity! If all goes well there may be a new Scottie litter for him to impress in June. He will have to wait until the pups are six weeks old before they can go outside, but until then he can visit them in the nursery and get them used to his good looks.

  4. whoo hoo for Sherman, the airdale – he’s the best. AND, one of those black girls below is my MOLLY, whom I adore. She’s best sisters with the almighty Ms. Truffle. Keep up the good work!

  5. So Sorry to hear about Molly…I just last month lost my Greyhound, Scarlett, due to a Stroke…it is hard to put them down and even harder to watch them suffer…Prayers to your family.

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