Dramatic West Highland Terrier Rescue Wednesday

West Highland Terrier rescue

Read the full Westie rescue story. Some mean spirited commenters disapprove of the rescue operation, saying it cost too much.

6 thoughts on “Dramatic West Highland Terrier Rescue Wednesday

  1. Happened just along the coast from me – was all over the local news. I think most local peeps felt OK about rescuing the dog – not much negative press locally. Brits are dog lovers!

  2. There is a lot of bitterness over here due to government cuts, so everyone is moaning about every penny spent.
    I do think some people are sad enough to get a kick out of antagonising people and leaving outrageously controversial comments… sort of Victor Meldrew style. Recently I was reading an article on the death of two horses at Aintree Grand National, some people left some very cruel observations afterward and therefore successfully wound-up all the animal lovers … myself included!
    I’m so glad the little fella got out and I agree with the positive commenters, that it was good practice for the emergency crews.
    I’m also afraid I’m guilty of letting Kirk off the lead when out walking in the countryside, though she doesn’t go far. She was electrocuted two weeks ago on a sneaky farmers fence, threw her about two feet and had her yelping, as she’s twelve I was in a state of panic. No warnings or anything.

  3. At least this dog is an innocent animal who didn’t know better! I’d be more outraged at these stories of people who make foolish decisions to travel onto a mountain in the dark, without proper gear and no locator and then it cost $$ to rescue them when, really, it’s their bad decisions that put them in that position!!

  4. Naughty Chester!! My inlaws told us about this – they made out that the bridge was new & would have to be replaced? Sounds like it needs a re-design …if not a dog maybe a child would get stuck, then what would the critics say?

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