Help for itchy Scottish Terriers

Poor Mac. The 11 year-old Scottish Terrier has suffered from allergies most of his life. “Itchy spots, He’ll claw at them. Some of them were flea bites, allergic to fleas. He would just scratch them, scratch them until he would get the spots raw,” his owner Elizabeth Tubbs told Channel 9 in east Texas.

In February, however, he started a treatment called cold laser therapy. Mac receives the three minute treatments 1-2 times a week.

“Since we’ve been doing the lasers, the hair come back. He’s still scratching some, but no where near the quantity he used to,” said his vet, Dr Shilling.

2 thoughts on “Help for itchy Scottish Terriers

  1. I actually have a cold laser and an allergic Wheaten ST.

    I bought the Vetro-laser online from Dr. Kamen and I love it. We mostly use it for sore muscles, and tendons though, as it goes two inches deep. The tiny laser that comes with it is used for the skin.

    In the beginning I would do the skin laser on the really hot spots and also cortizone. We were convinced this was a case of airborne allergies. I decided to try something that my son’s fiance recommended. Butt Paste!!!
    I was worried that if the allergy was coming from within the butt paste (diaper rash cream) would make it WORSE. Much to my surprise she is a totally different dog today because it worked like a miracle!!! The hard core, never come off kind doesn’t smell nice. We use a gentler version called “Johnson’s No More Rash” Diaper Rash Cream with Zinc Oxide 3 -in-1 formula. It literally changed her life. Plus I started washing her things in Dreft for babies. Apparently it’s more of a contact dermatitis than anything else. She used to be miserable! Now the only thing that is bad is if she gets butt paste on the couch, carpet, or her black sister.
    If anyone trys this and it works, I am interested to hear.

  2. Try giving fish oil capsules to relieve the itching. We use it on our dog and it works wonders. Buddy gets a capsule every 6 hours or so which relieves inflammation and doesn’t have the side effects of antihistamines.

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