More Scottish Terrier Photos from readers

Smitty the Scottish Terrier
The late, great Smitty

Margaret writes in memory of Smitty: “I am sad to report that I have just lost my faithful Smitty, the light of my life. He had been strong and healthy for ten years, with a calm disposition and charming manner. It was a tumor and his dear little heart just couldn’t hold out anymore, though he managed to make a brief recovery, providing a blessed week to think a miracle had happened and modern technology of sonograms were all wrong. As we know, there is no life worth living without a Scottie. Smitty was the grandson of Peggy Sue and he really was quite special.”

Margaret will be getting a new Scottie puppy later this month.


Wanda wrote a long email in response to this vintage photo of a Scottish Terrier in 1917. It was easiest just to take screen shots of her email and reproduce them here. Click on the photos below to enlarge them:

Comparing 1917 Scottish Terrier to 2011 Scottie dog

Scottish Terrir Wicket———————-

Sheena writes: “My Scottie Nessie and my Westie Ailsa waiting for their cookie – hurry up MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nessie the Scottish Terrier awaits cookie
Nessie the Scottie


Ailsa the Westie awaits cookie
Ailsa the Westie


Scottie News believes this arty Scottie is named Nevis Ben.


Mystery Scottish Terrier, possibly named Nevis Ben
Mystery Scottish Terrier, possibly named Nevis Ben


Dexter the Scottish Terrier turned one in January. Where is the little boy I carried?


Dexter the Scottish Terrier as a puppy and all grown up at one year old
Dexter the Scottish Terrier as a puppy and all grown up at one year old


Dougal loves watching TV, especially nature documentaries.

Dougal the Scottish Terrier watches TV


Flashback to this winter when Devon wrote: “Thought I’d share some photos of our 6 month old Scottie pup coming in from the snow.  Shortly after this photo was taken we shaved off his fringe.  He’s now snowball free!”

A case of Scottie snowballs———————

Hockey fan Mark wrote the Scottie News after the World Junior Championships in January. “As I was saying … He’s been moping around ever since Team Canada collapsed in the third period … (ha!) Actually … my Westie used to crawl into my hockey bag, too – I thought it was because of the “nice” smell … However, this bag is brand new and hasn’t even been used once! I guess it’s a “Terrier thing” …

Scottish Terrier with brand new hockey bag. Phew!——————–

Every day should be Halloween when you can rock a witch costume like Julie’s Scottie.

Scottish Terrier in witch costume——————–

More photos still to come.

6 thoughts on “More Scottish Terrier Photos from readers

  1. Great pics. Life is not worth living without a Scotty. I have one now and LOVE to have 8 more! Arrrooooooo.

  2. We love you Smitty!!! I hope we can see you in heaven!!!
    Dartagnan and Rosemarie
    We enjoy all the photos!!!
    Regards from Peru!!!

  3. I love the pic of Smitty. I too have a grandson of Peggy Sue’s and Smitty and my Magee look identical. How you must miss him. I don’t look forward to that day as my boy is very special also. Words cannot describe the love of a scottie.

  4. Your site is great. So nice to see the pictures and comments.
    I lost my little guy, Oscar, in March after 12 wonderful years. His
    Companion, Omar, is a Westie and still with us. They were together
    all their lives. I’m looking forward to a new Scotty someday soon.

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