Scottish Terrier chomps for attention

Baxter’s owner says: “My pet Scottish Terrier needs to be pet or else he chomps his teeth at me!”

12 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier chomps for attention

  1. When you rub Fergus is a spot that he really likes he repeatedly licks his nose… Do other scotties do this?

  2. HAHA! my scottie CHOMPS like that too! and he doesn’t lick his nose, but he always bites his toes (like they’re itchy) when he gets scratched on the perfect spot of his back.

  3. Our two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, chomp, too: when they want to be held, when they want a treat, and when they want to go out. Ours do it more delicately, but it’s a playful chomp, nonetheless-! 🙂

  4. Our 5 year old female Holly does the paw licking thing. She has been doing this for several years. The vet has checked her several times and can not find a reason for it. There are no problems with the paws. I am glad to hear that other Scotties do this also. Holly does not chomp but when we are tryig to leave the house she will bite the tops of our shews I guess to try to prevent us from leaving. best wishes to you all from the three of us.

  5. My scottie Dexter also chomps when he wants attention! I though it was just him.

    He also chews his feet when excited.

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