Scottish Terrier photo caption contest

Scottish Terrier channel swimmer
Scottish Terrier channel swimmer by grammiej, on Flickr

The best the Scottie News can come up with is “Have a swimmingly good weekend.”

Update: A reader wisely asked me to warn that not all Scotties can swim. Let me use a comment on a previous post about swimming (or non-swimming) Scotties:

My previous Scottie “Clyde” wasn’t the best swimmer, but at least he’d try – one time he swam to the dock but then simply stopped paddling … it was like watching the Titanic go down (I know I shouldn’t laugh, but …) Anyway … nothing a lifejacket wouldn’t solve. Clyde’s buddy “Bonnie” (a Westie) would swim out after the ducks or loons, and as others have noted it was only prudent for her to wear a lifejacket for when she inevitably realized she was overtired and would then turn towards shore. Both Clyde and Bonnie would bravely jump in and try to rescue me if I splashed about as if I were in trouble … brave wee pups!!! Haven’t figured out if the two new Terrier-ists are swimmers yet (but I’m guessing Watson will give it a try … and Sherlock, well … he’s a “stocky” boy … chuckle!) – both will wear lifejackets, however … especially after I learned the painful way that swimming out to rescue your dog means you’ll be covered in claw marks unless you’re wearing a wet suit … ha! Now … have to find that photo of them on my back, on the sailboard …

And while we’re on the subject, you might want to read about Diva, a Scottish Terrier who fell overboard, and miraculously swam to shore.

15 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier photo caption contest

  1. My Scottie, Captain, loves splashing about in water, but does not like to get out of his depth – feet firmly on the ground. However he can swim, because I put him on the lead and he followed me into the sea. Of course once the water got past my ankles he had to swim – He was not overly impressed but he could do it. Not sure I understand the comments – I thought all animals could naturally swim – do you mean some Scotties physically can’t swim, or are just reluctant to?

  2. All Scotties can swim, it’s just that a good deal of them can only do it in the Z minus axis… (ask any machinist what that means…)

  3. 26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me; Santa Catalina, the island of romance, romance, romance, romance …” (tip o’ the hat to The Four Preps, 1957)

  4. My first scotty, Finnegan, drowned in our backyard spa, despite the steps that lead up from the water. He escaped our yard after a jackrabbit, I could not find him despite tracking all through the neighboring ranchland, and left food and water out for him. The next morning, I found him in the spa…apparently he had slipped into it (the water level drops at night), whammed his head, and lost consciousness.

    Like another writer noted, any dog that is built like a brick will sink like one. Finn hated the spa, and I can only assume he walked across the edge as a shortcut to the house, as he would never willingly go into it or the pool. Our present Scotty, Mason, hates water except for drinking (bathing him is a struggle), though I still will wrestle with him to put on a doggie lifevest when we have people in the pool and he might get over excited and forget where the pool border is.

    A swimming dog is not born, but made – even our Golden Retriever had to learn how to swim. I doubt that Scotties were thought of as swimming dogs.

  5. Our Scottie, Mr. Ruggles, was running around a swimming pool deck about seven years ago at age one. He tumbled into the shallow end and sank like a bowling ball. I was there, jumped in and pulled him out within two seconds. He was fine, but I now realize that Mr. Ruggles and bowling balls have similar acquatic skills. My wife and I take him to the beach, but never let him off his leash, as he is also very smart but has no sense.

    1. I’ve heard it said that Scotties are like bricks but bowling ball works for me too.

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