Scottish Terrier sings the blues

Bravo, Jock!

And now for Fergus, who performs a throaty growling type of blues inspired, no doubt, by one too many bad news phone calls.

Our last featured video is a noisy girl not quite in the sultry jazz diva mode. More a Rebecca Black type, according to the Scottie News music critic.

Bridget has a deeper bark than Frida when she’s barking at animals and other annoyances but she also has a high-pitched, ear-splitting “let me out” and “let me in” bark.

How do your Scottish Terriers bark? And do they sing? Bridget doesn’t.

Let’s end on a high note with some opera-singing Scottish Terriers.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier sings the blues

  1. I was just thinking about how verbal, or should I say, audible my male Rory is….when he yawns he makes noises and when he stretches out to sleep he grumbles. He reminds me of the sounds, Charlie Brown’s, Snoopy makes.

    Fiona is a true Arrrrrrooooer…but Rory not so much. He just makes funny noises at various times.

  2. Kirk is a deep, loud bark… scares the hell outa people if they’re not used to it. She has a ‘go to the loo’ yelp, a ‘let me in’ yap, a ‘not getting enough attention’ grumble and this wired excuse for a bark she makes at night when she dreams. Howling is strictly reserved for our local Ice-cream van and its dodgy rendering of ‘Greensleaves’.

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