Scottish Terrier Bridget after grooming

This Scottish Terrier will be groomed today

Scottish Terrier needs spring haircut

It’s time for puffball Bridget to get a Scottie haircut. Last week someone asked if she was a Cairn.

We’re trying out a new groomer, which means anything’s possible. We could be pleasantly surprised or end up having a bad hair month or two. What can I say? Occasionally, I just throw caution to the wind and take risks with new hairdressers and groomers. I don’t subject my dog to anything I don’t do to myself.

Fingers crossed, everyone. We’ll post the “after” shot as soon as Bridget’s done.

Update: Here’s a quickie. Better angles and lighting later (I hope.) don’t be shy about leaving your comments. The eyebrows are a bit Schnauzerish, but overall not bad.

Scottish Terrier Bridget after grooming
An "after" shot of Bridget. I will keep trying for a better view.

15 thoughts on “This Scottish Terrier will be groomed today

    1. I think Bridget is adorable! And I love the reference to the Shy Di! That’s great.
      I have a problem getting my groomer to do eye brows too instead of bangs! Grrr…. it’s very frustrating. I don’t want to go in there and tell her how to do her job but…come on already..
      Anyway, Bridget looks great!

  1. Do you bath you Scottie after her haircuts? I found that my itchy-prone Fritz seems to not get itchies if he gets tossed in the tub immediately after a trim to get all those little clippings off (especially after his major spring haircuts). I worked for a dog groomer briefly and those things really do irritate your skin! Food for thought!

  2. … it’s dificult to look bad as a Scottie. Bridget does work the camera in a sort of ‘I’m shy, so love me’ kind of way. Therefore, I’d think most of us would say she’d look good in a bin-bag, but it’s jolly lucky she got a decent hair-cut instead šŸ™‚

      1. My real name is Sheena, but you also have one of those here too, so I took on Tegan. Now another Tegan has turned up I’ve had to change again … to Tegan ‘Liverpool’ (where I live)… which is kinda daft I know but the only way to tell us apart.
        I’m quite open if anyone can suggest anything better LOL!!!!

        Tegan Liverpool

  3. LOL – that looks like Mamushka right about now. She”ll get groomed in early June! Cute pictures šŸ™‚

  4. Awww…she looks cute in both actually! We usually take our own Hi-Lite or an anti-itch shampoo for the groomer to use, makes a difference! We have a new little rescue, Bella, and we need to grow our coat so no haircuts in the very near future for her!

  5. You did a good job getting that photo. To me, the hardest and worst thing about a black Scotty can be getting a good picture. If the light isn’t directly on the dog, it just looks like a silhouette, no eyes mouth or anything. Frequently I get a snapshot of a lovely Wheaten Scotty and a Black Blob.

    1. Yes black dogs are are definitely hard to photograph. I’ll try for some more photos on the weekend.

  6. Duffy (6 mos) and Fitzie (9 yrs) are going to groomer today. He just can’t seem to get it right.
    I called and said I’m bringing printed directions. He seemed OK with it. We will see if it helps.

  7. Good job! I groom both of my scotties, not in the same day though. It is quite a job, but I know that I am not getting water in their ears, soap in their eyes and burning them with clippers and dryers.

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