Uh, oh! Jailed paedophile owned Scottish Terrier

File this one under Scottish Terrier bad news or Scottish Terrier News tabloid edition.

Convicted criminal with his Scottish Terrier
Convicted criminal with his Scottish Terrier

Not only does this convicted criminal have a Kingswinford connection, as the local newspaper reports, but his Scottish Terrier photos have also been featured here on the Scottie News.

I guess sometimes those horror stories about paedophiles preying on innocents on the internet hit closer to home than you would have ever thought possible.


11 thoughts on “Uh, oh! Jailed paedophile owned Scottish Terrier

  1. Umm, ironic how his flickr name is Im_Free, eh. Sad story and I hope his dogs, if he has more than the 1 co-owned one are safely re-homed. BTW I like how the newspaper describes him as ‘depraved’ and ‘evil’ – call a spade a spade, I guess some other publications are scared of libel !

    1. I mean…I’m not only concerned about the dogs but the victims but as this is Scottie-related site I mentioned them. I hope he didn’t use them as a way of attracting his victims.

  2. According to the article, the attempted buggerer co-owned the dog with the breeder, so I am sure the dog is fine.

    1. As far as I can make out from Flickr, though, he appears to have owned several Scotties.

      Imagine telling people you got your rescue dog as a result of it being owned by a convicted pedophile as opposed to its owners got a divorce or had to move into a nursing home.

  3. Sheesh, there goes my long held belief that anyone who has Scotties is alright!
    Poor terriers, knowing what kind of owner they had & not being able to tell anyone.

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