Update on swimming Scottish Terriers

Yesterday’s post has been updated with a reminder that not all Scotties can swim, so be careful.

One thought on “Update on swimming Scottish Terriers

  1. The first clue that my Bonnie-Wee-Lass (she has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge) was not a swimmer occurred neary 30 years ago. She was in the habit of standing at the end of the cottage dock watching sunfish glide back and forth in and out of view. One day she leaned over too far and, propelled by that large noggin of hers, literally sank like a rock into five feet of water. A friend of mine noticed and quickly jumped in and rescued her. All we could see of wee Bonnie was bubbles popping on the surface.

    After that frightening incident, when near water, I always kept her in an infant’s life jacket — the fat orange kapok kind. Unfortunately, no dog life jackets existed in those days. The infant lifejacket was situated on her back for buoyancy. The ties wound under her belly then back up onto the lifejacket. She was quite an odd sight.

    Several times that summer she slipped into the water either by accident or intention and managed to stay afloat until she could reach shore. I no longer had to worry about her immediate safety.

    Curious people took photos from their boats as they passed the dock. A wee dog in a bright orange lifejacket was quite a sight at the time.

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