Walking your Scottish Terrier cont’d

Yesterday’s post on how often you walk your Scottish Terriers got several interesting comments and revealed a possible urban/rural divide.

It also reminded me to link back to this poll from last year which asked, “Does your Scottish Terrier walk well on a leash?” and generated 139 responses. Compare your Scotties’ walking prowess to the poll results.

One thought on “Walking your Scottish Terrier cont’d

  1. Just found your site today and want to answer yesterdays question about walking a Scottie. We have 2 Scotties, Bella, 8 yrs. old and Finnegan, who will be 4 next month. My husband and i walk Finn and Bella every day, rain or shine. They love their walk even though they are not to big on the walking. Finn is a huge hunter and loves to get into the tall grasses but Bella is content to smell anything that is right next to the concret path in the park.

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