A message from Scottie Friends

Robbin of Scottie Friends and Alabama writes:

Please PLEASE forgive my tardiness, I’ve been without power but it was finally restored today.

I wanted to send out this email to shout out to all members who live in the areas where all the tornado’s have hit.
I hope you and your families are all doing ok and if you’ve lost something during this devastation you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you need anything…… food, water, or a place to stay please call me !!!!!

Please check in at Scottie friends when you can to let us all know you’re ok. I’ve started a discussion called “Tornados” where you can share anything you would like related to these terrible storms that have passed through. I believe we have around 27 members in Alabama.

Please check in. I am concerned as Alabama had around 150 tornados come through. Not sure about the other states. But this storm effected many lives and families from other states as well. And I hope all my Scottie friends members and families are ok.

Thinking of you all,


Scottie Friends is always a great site.

The Scottish Terrier News would also like to extend our sympathies to anyone caught up in this terrible storm.