A Scottish Terrier puppy’s photo is worth 1,000 words

Adorable Scottish Terrier puppyTalisker by ragnarok.awaits at Flickr

12 thoughts on “A Scottish Terrier puppy’s photo is worth 1,000 words

  1. How cute!! We are new owners of a Scottie. His name is Whiskey and is he just as cute! This picture reminds me of him 🙂

  2. This little guy is precious. If I win the Lottery I’m going to hoard Scotty pups. There is nothing cuter.

  3. Oh good grief! I love this picture. And his name is absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for posting such great pictures of Scots.
    Arrooooo to you and yours, Stuart

  4. I used to keep rabbits before I got my Scotty – I can safely say that the only thing cuter than a baby rabbit is a scotty pup – magic!!!!

    1. Alejandra,
      Mommy is keeping a close eye on them. They are precious and tiny! Keep us posted please.

  5. Oh I did and they are absolutely gorgeous…..so happy for you that you have “2” so much FUN

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