Allergic West Highland Terrier Wednesday

Puffball! ~ 9/52
Puffball! ~ 9/52 by ellenc995 at Flickr

Apologies everyone, for all the broken links in yesterdays post on Scottish Terrier allergies and treatments. The links have now been fixed now so the owners of Westies — who, as a breed, have worse allergies than Scotties — can now check them out along with this study on the Genome-wide linkage of atopic dermatitis in West Highland White Terriers.

Or you can just take a Benadryl and smell the flowers.

Max on the porch
Max on the porch by snosnam on Flickr

3 thoughts on “Allergic West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. I have a westie and a scottie and my westie I can honestly say in her 11 years has never had an itch or allergy problem.
    On the other had my scottie 10 years old has had yeast infection in her ears and feet I think a bad habit mostly of liking her feet which would only encourage any problem there may be. She I must say still gets some itchies but not as bad since I have been feeding them both a “raw” diet.
    They get ground turkey and chicken from a local organic farm they get Honest Kitchen grain free Force Chicken and their Fish Zeal also I give them sardines eggs and raw cod chunks all with fresh veggies ground in the processor for easy digestion.
    I cannot think of a thing I have NOT covered including I find with my scottie brushing every other day at least.
    I have always given them Sentinel from May through October but have decided not to do that as I have been reading so much about the side effects – itching being one of them that this medication can cause with pre disposed dogs. I am hoping I am doing the right thing and would love to hear opinions and comments or what other people are doing for their westie and scottie pooches.
    I wish good luck to Whisky the 13 week old scottie from yesterday’s blog and hope that anything that was suggested might help. I use an oatmeal based shampoo for my scottie and with her I find if I bath her every 2/3 weeks that seems to help to by getting rid of the loose hair trapped in against her skin.
    Hope some of this might make sense to some of you!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, I have had westies all my life and know a lot of people with westies and they all have allergies or skins disorders. My westie now Louis has been well for a year and now his whole back is really really bad. I love him and I do anything for him, but this is my last westie. I also have a Scottie and he have also had some health problem cushings disease. But still allergi is the worst and time consuming. A will always have a dog and it will be scotties.

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