Scottish Terrier rescue news from across the pond

Britain’s Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) has updated its rescue stories page and there is some sad news to report. Hamish Clegg, a prolific canine contributor to its website, has died of cancer. Here’s Hamish’s last story. His earlier tales can be found on the rescue stories page and he has also been featured on the Scottie News.

RIP, Hamish.

In happier news, STECS also posted Polly and Hannah’s story, narrated by Polly:

At the end of our journey we got out  of the car and were taken into this house and oh boy what a shock we got we were greeted by 2 rather loud and lively lads a Scottie like ourselves called Shadow and a White Westie guy called Charlie.  We had a look round it seemed to be ok, but Hannah and I were taking no chances and stayed together most of the night. I heard this woman say that because I was old which I am, I am 15 now she felt another move may upset me more than I was already and she was quite happy for us to stay here until dad came back for us, which was agreed and Aunty Viv came out to check we were in safe hands here.

Read the whole story complete with happy ending.