Busy West Highland Terrier Wednesday

West Highland Terrier stretched out flatFlat by LeFlâneur on Flickr

Earlier this week, the Scottie News reminded readers that Pakistan’s founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah had a West Highland Terrier named Peter, but this being Westie Wednesday, we thought we’d point it out again just in case you missed it.

Meanwhile in other Westie news, a Westie-owning granny in England is harrassed by overzealous park wardens no doubt looking to fill their daily ticket quota.

And on this side of the Atlantic, Boomer, a Chicago-area West Highland Terrier hits the one million views mark on YouTube, qualifying as an A-list internet star. Scottie News is proud to have done our part to getting out the views and contributing to his fame. Let Boomer’s story be an inspiration to up-and-coming Ainsley the TV-watching Scottish Terrier.

8 thoughts on “Busy West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. We call it “Flopped Out” at our house. Sometimes we ask our Wheaten to “Flop em out” and she does. It’s so cute. Our Black Scotty doesn’t flop them out much but when she does, sometimes she crosses them.

    1. We had our westie first, who “flies”. When we went to buy a scottie dog my daughter said, “we have to get this one, it flies too!” So thats what we did! lol!

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