Codependent West Highland Terrier Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Codependent West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. I think both of them were having ‘daddy’ withdrawal symptoms! Mind you, my dad died a month ago and Kirk has only just stopped looking for him at home. It got quite upsetting at one stage, as she insisted on looking in his room consistently, making it difficult for mum. She then went all lethargic on us and sulked for a week. Now she only occasionally waits outside his door.


  2. Oh she is so genteel with her little whine for Daddy…..naughty Daddy to go leave me but in the end she knows she has Mummy huge big wet kisses….beautiful video lovely looking Westie way to go Stella

  3. Exactly, Tegan – I think both of them are conspiring in a big guilt trip for Daddy! 🙂

  4. Only those who are own by a westie (my case) know how codependant this westies can be. westies and Scotties are the besties.

  5. It is awful. My two Westies have ruined my life. It seems we must be joined at the hip 24/7 unless I am working (to buy them stuff). Honestly, I can’t bear to go away overnight without them.

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