Is it okay to use squirt bottles on dogs?

To squirt or not to squirt a disobedient Scottish Terrier (and a cat) becomes a subject of debate in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Is it okay to use squirt bottles on dogs?

  1. Yes it’s okay.
    Hitting, yelling, or kicking, IMO, create a tension in the relationship.
    Repetition and pure diligence is really the way to go. A little water can’t hurt 🙂 I know how to make Amelia stop barking in the back yard, I’m too lazy to repetitively do it.

  2. A shake from a plastic bottle filled with beads worked a treat for Kirk.
    I actually squirt water often at Kirk… when I’m watering the garden that is. If I ignore her she gets in front of the hose and gives herself a squirt, she just LOVES jets of water. It can get quite annoying when you just want to be left alone to get on with the job, so I often lock her inside, (I’m kinda being cruel not squirting her if you can figure that.) We have a water gun as one of her toys, she considers it great fun … including the grabbing and chewing at the end of play, sadly she chewed it a little too much and it now leaks … the bubbles bit still works 🙂

  3. I tried this on my boys. Ozzie (Westie) was definitely terrified, even if I only picked up the bottle. Angus (Scottie) realized that the water didn’t hurt so it did not phase him at all. He just kind of blinked.

  4. It may be harmless to discipline a pet with a water gun, but I hate to think of a dog being subject to it on a regular basis. One of my Westies barks way too much. If I start squirting her, it will be something that I do all the time. She is not going to learn not to bark. I should probably get a water gun and try it to see how I feel since I have really never tried it so I may be thinking it is worse than it is. Maybe it is no worse than yelling at the top of my voice to STOP BARKING.

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