Morning dog walk with a Scottish Terrier

Now that it’s warmer and not raining and I have a new iPhone, I have made a resolution to take more photos of all the weird and wonderful animals and situations I regularly encounter on the morning dog walk.

Here is the special Friday the 13th launch edition in which Bridget encounters a cat. (And before anyone says anything, yes, the camera definitely added 10 pounds)

Bridget spies a well-to-do Rosedale cat
Bad photography creates a Scottish Terrier blob and a cat scared headless

Later, we meet two French bulldogs and two West Highland Terriers.  Bridget ignores everyone so there are no photos of headless dogs. Have I mentioned before that our neighbourhood seems to be the world capital of Westies?

Two French Bulldogs and Two West Highland Terriers
Adorable times four

4 thoughts on “Morning dog walk with a Scottish Terrier

    1. I saw the Rolls but was more impressed with the pavers. I would love a driveway like that, hubba hubba, lol.

  1. Aargh. I didn’t even notice it was a Rolls. There’s a long story there about me and fancy cars.

    It was a fancy cat too.

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