Perfect present for a Scottish Terrier

A Puli BFF.

Does your Scottie have dog friends?

Bridget used to, but she’s turned into a loner lately.

It has me thinking she needs a home companion, except the double vet bills are a real turnoff.

7 thoughts on “Perfect present for a Scottish Terrier

  1. Captain loves playing with other dogs near to his own age and size, particularly the wrestling, rolling, rough and tumble play like the scottie in the video. he is not keen on the chasing part, mostly because they are usually longer legged dogs, faster than him. He has one or two special friends, Indie, a cockerpoo and Alfie a long legged jack russel who he especially loves to meet up with. He is 1 yr 3 months at moment, so possible he will outgrow this as he gets older. It is generally puppies who play not fully mature adults. Although some never seem to out grow this.

  2. Sophie’s best friend is a Newfie mix who lives down the road. Bear comes over and bumps the door to have Sophie come out and play. Soph tries nipping Bear’s heels and grabbing his tail and when 12 year old Bear has had enough of the rough and tumble and chase, he simply wanders home down the road. (Sophie will turn 3 this summer!). It’s pretty funny and very wonderful for both of them!

  3. Raven played with Randy (St. Bernard) when they were pups…she could actually walk under him but would have him down by the throat in seconds. They were such a cute pair.

    When she finished puppy school, she played with Lady and Bridgett, her Nanna’s Bostons.

    Raven and Bridgett were BFFs to the end.

  4. Dougan’s BFF is a boxer mix named Addy that belongs to friends. Dougan’s about 6 mo older than her, so when she was a pup, the two were about the same size. Now, Dougan can walk underneath her. They wrestle and play chase (Dougan has learned to cut her off, since he can’t keep up). When they get tired, Addy lays down on her back and she and Dougan chew on each other’s faces. They are absolutely hilarious together.

    Dougan has other consistent playmates (another Scot, a Cockapoo, a Jack Russell) but he gravitates towards larger dogs (a German Shepherd, Newfie mix, Lab, and American Rott) and is always over-the-top excited to see Addy.

  5. Lexie’s best friends are 3 cocker spaniels, nancy, Peggy and Tinto, who she grew up with from a pup and are as mad as hatters. They all tear around inside and outside, and she often tries to follow them into the river, which has my heart in my throat. She thinks she is a spaniel.

  6. Yes , the double vet-bill and also the double food prep really turns off. but is payed back by a daily dog cinema to watch when these two scotties play with each other. and it is such a gain in lifestyle for my first scottie that I really think I had to make a little effort.

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