RIP, Bosley: Scottish Terrier enjoyed life as a Washington insider

RIP Bosley, Scottish Terrier and Washington insider
IN MEMORIAM: For ten years, Bosley, a rescued Scottish Terrier, shuttled gracefully between western Kentucky and Washington, DC. He was Ed Whitfield's secret weapon for winning nine consecutive elections.
Bosley by humanesocietyoftheunitedstates on Flickr

Sadly, it has come to the attention of the Scottie News that Bosley, the well known Scottish Terrier of Kentucky congressman Ed Whitfield, has died.

Bosley was at the centre of a scandal that engulfed Washington four years ago when the Scottie News had barely begun publishing. Truth be told, he helped put us on the map.

More recently, Bosley and his canine companions, Nigel and Julep, appeared in a Washington Post article on political pets. Apparently, the Scottish Terrier had made headlines on the hill more than once:

…it was Bosley who caused the most trouble back in 2002 when he escaped from the Cannon House Office Building and took off running down Independence Avenue SE. Members of Whitfield’s staff and a policeman chased him all the way to the Capitol.

The benefits of having Julep, Nigel and Bosley underfoot outweigh their rare disruptions, Whitfield said: “I think the atmosphere is better, because it’s hard to be very formal when you have a dog jumping around the office.”

RIP, Bosley. The Scottie News extends its heartfelt sympathies to your family and friends.