rtCamp destroyed my search traffic

The Scottish Terrier News was migrated from Blogger to WordPress by rtCamp in August 2010 and Google search traffic dropped immediately. Despite my many pleas to fix the situation rtCamp was unable to do anything.

rtCamp also uses the names bloggertowp or Blogger to WordPress Migration.

In late February I turned to Varick Design for help and my traffic rebounded almost immediately.

rtCamp migration causes Google traffic drop
The destruction rtCamp wreaked is clear to see. (click to enlarge)

rtCamp refused to refund my money and claimed the problem was my fault.

I am making this post to try and help others avoid the mistake I made. Please do not use rtCamp or Blogger to WordPress and feel free to contact me at scottishterriernews@gmail.com if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “rtCamp destroyed my search traffic

  1. Their charges are 10 times that of others doing the same job, contributing to wordpress open source has been a gold mine for these guys, I do not know why they ever advertise these blogger to wordpress migration services, which blogspot user will ever pay them thousands of Dollars to migrate his content to wordpress.

    They are not serious about these services, I think, it is a ploy to manipulate search traffic to their website for other services.

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