Scottish Terrier News luxury edition

Louis Vuitton Scottish Terrier ad
Forget the model. Who styled the Scottish Terrier?

It would appear that the Scottie News has a number of fashionista fans. Several people, including my daughter, have alerted us to the new Louis Vuitton ad, complete with Scottish Terrier.

We can’t help but wonder which costs more — the bag or the Scottie dog?

Also, the fashion world is making a big deal about the new model, Nyasha, but the Scottish Terrier News wants the scoop on the dog and, more importantly, its stylist.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier News luxury edition

  1. Love that Scottie’s are getting OUT there in the world…..very nice looking Scottie just wish they had focused a little more on him/her hahaha nice stylish AD though

  2. Good taste and Scotties go hand in hand. I do hope that this ad campaign won’t feature them enough to turn them into fashionable dogs again though. The breed is still suffering from the sins of some 70-80 years ago.

  3. Reminds me of a Ralph Lauren dog sweater ad about 6 or 7 years ago in the New York Times magazine. A profile shot of a beautiful jet black Scottie puppy in a kelly green mock turtleneck cashmere dog sweater. What could be better?

    Roo Roo, Stuart

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