Scottish Terrier service dog aids Iraq war vet with PTSD

A soldier and his Scottish Terrier service dog

The Tracy Press in California reports:

A service-certified canine that stands just above ankle high with traditionally cropped, buff-colored hair, Mandy is Edward’s constant companion, helping him cope with crowds that, at least twice, caused the veteran to black out and come to hiding in a corner.

“When family can’t be around, I take Mandy with me, because the minute I leave my home I have panic issues related to my PTSD,” said the serviceman, who credits his canine with keeping him calm when little else will.

“She’ll tend to pace around me, or just stay very close to me,” Edward said. “She’s trying to keep people away from me, to try to protect me, because I tend to get very defensive.

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6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier service dog aids Iraq war vet with PTSD

  1. Thank you for this story! I also have PTSD and I have a scottie and a westie, Charlie and Louis. They keep me going and I do not know what to do without them. The wake my when I have nightmares and make sure I do not isolate myself. I say they keep me sin and are my guarding angel. In my country Norway we do not have service dogs and that is a shame and wrong, it could help so many people.

  2. I have a Scottie as well, his name is the Cub he is my best friend he’s always there, so i understand how you feel about Mandy, Scotties truly are an amazing companion, and know just how to touch our hearts.

  3. So wonderful. I came upon your article looking to see if there were any other Scottie service dogs. I have a 3 year old who is with me at all times and has made me be able to be independent. I have multiple sclerosis and I walk to the left and by having him on my right side I go straighter. He has learned to walk through crowd and people move for him as we are always in Disney. He started by picking up things when I dropped them and now changes paper towels and insists on helping with groceries and pretty much everything. They are such wonderful dogs

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