Tornado terrier crawls home on broken legs

Scottie News wishes Mason a full recovery.

One thought on “Tornado terrier crawls home on broken legs

  1. If Kirk crawled back after all that, I’d never let her leave me ever, ever again… but we stick together whatever anyways. I can not see any time I’d send her away while I recovered to ‘piece my life together.’ Not even if I was forced to live in a tent, (we both did that once on Arran when I got my bookings wrong.)

    O.K if I was in Hospital AND all my friends AND all my relatives AND all the dog hotels too were out of it and then may-be…. I think????

    No doubt, after all this public exposure the owners will want him back ASAP to cash-in… So there’s a sort of happy ending.

    Sorry, I may have missed something, but this dog is far braver and loyal than his owners.

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